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A Country Director – Sanaa, Yemen

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Action contre la faim

General description of the position

You are responsible for:

  • Steering the process of Strategy formulation and ensure its implementation
  • Ensuring the successful development and implementation of the programmes
  • Exploring the possibilities for further programme development and in-country funding opportunities
  • Identifying and agree with HQ Programmes and Policy key strategic issues
  • Representing Action Against Hunger at external meetings with donors, government bodies and partners
  • Representing ACF to national authorities, international donors, international organisations and other NGOs at national level
  • Ensuring the integration of monitoring and evaluation into all aspects of country programming


Main responsabilities
  • Strategic and Operational planning, organizational performance:
    Ensure that a high quality strategic plan based on thorough contextual analysis is developed and updated using an inclusive and participatory process
    Ensure implementation of the country strategy is monitored and updated as required in line with the context’s evolution
    Ensure understanding of strategic plan and approaches by all stakeholders
    Ensure timely final validation of proposals and reports

    • Ensure that the programs are in line with the country’s context and ACF’s vision and have proper phasing out strategies
    • Control that systems and staff are in place to guarantee that mission’s programs are designed and implemented based on sound analysis; address the underlying causes and effects of malnutrition; are in line with ACF’s Programming Principles; and are consistent with ACF’s standards for program quality and ACF technical strategies
    • Ensure the development and implementation of a mission’s advocacy agenda that supports mission’s programs and, if possible, is in line with ACF priorities.
  • External Relations and Partnerships
    • Establish and maintain good relationships with relevant counterparts at all levels including but not limited to local authorities; donors; INGO/UN agencies and civil society organisations
    • Support and work effectively in coalitions and networks in the respect of principles of equality, transparency, results-oriented approach and complementarities.
    • Ensure cordial media relations and act as ACF spokesperson as required.
  • Management and Human Resources
    • Oversees the recruitment and orientation of new senior staff and provide proper supervision and management of all staff reporting to the CD
    • Manage staff effectively including appropriate and systematic delegation and proactively addressing performance issues through regular, constructive and honest feeding and coaching
    • Effectively design and lead organisational change processes which enable to the mission to have the adequate HR capacity to respond
  • Finance and Logistics
    • Oversee and direct the appropriate mobilization, use and management of financial, logistics and other resources in the mission in line with ACF policies and donor requirements.
    • Monitor the mission’s financial position, and ensure the best use of available resources.
    • Control that qualified staff and appropriate policies, procedures and systems for finance and logistic are in place and functioning throughout the mission
  • Security
    Ensure mission has a security plan in place in line with ACF standards
    Control that security plan is properly followed under the technical guidance of the Logistic Coordinator and the National Security and Liaison Officer
    Undertake security networking at all levels
    Be part of the crisis team in case of critical security incidents


Do you fit the requested profile ?

You have an advanced degree in international development or other relevant fields. You have at the minimum 7 years humanitarian work experience covering both emergency and post-conflict development programming, including a proven experience in coordination role.

You are recognised for you skills in advanced context and security analysis. A first experience in fundraising and managing relationship with donors will be necessary.

Excellent diplomacy, organisational, communication and representation skills are required.

You have been recognized as a trainer and a coach for members of your team.

English language proficiency is compulsory. Knowledge of Arabic will be a plus.


Work context

Context:  Since the conflict between Al Houthi and the Saudi-led coalition that started in March 2015, Yemen has become one of the three emergency in the world and is thus facing one of the worst humanitarian crisis, with 80 % of the population who is now in need of humanitarian aid. The context is highly challenging in regards to access to the communities despite significant needs in the country. Airstrike, embargo, high prices, etc have caused a profound deterioration of the nutitritional situation and hundreds of thousands lives are at risk.

Presentation of the mission: 

Since 2012, ACF has been present in Yemen and has been scaling up its emergency intervention substantially throughout 2016. The mission is now amongst one of the largest International NGOs in the country and is recognized as one of the key emergency actors in the country.  ACF in Yemen is responding to the current crisis using a multisector emergency approach (Nutrition & Health, Food Security, WASH and Mental Health programming), and to a multiple large-scale and interconnected emergencies: conflict, food security and cholera epidemic. Along with UNICEF, ACF designed and is piloting the country’s first Rapid Response Mechanism, and is representative of the INGO community on the HCT, ICCM, Access Working Group, the HPF Advisory Board, and on the Steering Committee that manages evacuation for the humanitarian community.

Security, working and living conditions: 

ACF is operationally working in 2 bases: Hodeida (to target the northern governorates) and Aden (to target the southern ones), with its coordination team located in Sana’a. In total, the Yemen mission counts 215 national staff and 17 international staff.

Sanaa has a very nice temperate climate. Due to its high elevation, the temperatures are much more moderate than many other cities on the Arabian Peninsula. Despite the current calm atmosphere in Sana’a, the security situation remains very volatile and the expatriates are not allowed to go to restaurants/coffee. In Sana’a, the expatriates live in a shared guest house (located next to the office), with electricity and internet. To balance with those movements/leisure restrictions, expatriates have a pool table and a ping-pong table at their disposition in the basement of the guesthouse. In bonus, if you’re a food lover, you will find our amazing Chef Ahmad and his delicous plates.

To know more about Yemen:

The ACF’s blog where you can find further information:

http://blog.actioncontrelafaim.org/live-blog/moyen-orient/yemen/ (in French)

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