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A Deputy Head of Mission for Programmes

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As of October 2017, Jordan is the country hosting the third largest number of Syrian refugees with 654.482 registered with UNHCR. In Jordan, the first response to the needs of the refugees was carried out by the host communities alongside Jordan civil society and charity organizations. However, the constant influx of people put significant strains on the already weak economic situation of the Jordanian population in the areas of refuge, with around 79% of the refugees living outside of camps.

Refugees struggle to meet their basic needs, relying on dwindling savings, growing loans, humanitarian assistance and resorting to negative coping mechanisms. 2/3 of the Syrian refugees live below the poverty line, with rent being their major expenditure.

Addressing fundamental needs of the most vulnerable refugees and restoring dignity is a priority to be achieved through improved access to health for most vulnerable groups, psycho-social support for the most affected population, proposing alternative education for children out of school, improve living conditions for households and supporting access to legal documentation (and thus to services).

With the conflict in Syria being nowhere near a political solution, refugees and host communities will continue to co-exist and while tensions are raising in the communities, it is paramount to empower the communities to bounce back ensuring i) social cohesion, ii) development of sustainable economic opportunities and iii) access to public services.


The Deputy Head of Mission-Programmes provides active support to the development and growth of PUI programming in Jordan, and leadership in the implementation of the current interventions. He/she will directly supervise the Technical team including the Protection Coordinator and the MEAL team and will support the Programme team to implement ongoing programming and lead the development of new programme opportunities.

To that end, he/she ensures the monitoring of qualitative and operational aspects of the mission’s programmes. He/She guarantees the effective, efficient and qualitative implementation of all activities. He/She establishes a close technical coordination with the line ministries (particularly MOH , MOE and MOSD) He/She actively supports the HoM in seeking for new funding opportunities and in representing the country programs to NGOs and partners.


Programmes: He/She coordinates the smooth implementation and development of all programmes in the country mission and ensures that operational and qualitative aspects of programmes are put into practice properly (monitoring of objectives, respecting due dates and budgetary provisions, quality control). This includes supporting the HoP in establishing or updating as necessary those SOPs which are not the direct responsibility of any one manager (Cash protocols, accountability system, etc.).

Technical support: He/She supports the teams in the technical components of the different programs especially in terns of cash and protection and ensures the laising with the technical advisors of the regional office and HQ.

Evaluation / Strategy: He/She participates in updating the Country Strategy and suggests new operations according to needs identified in the country.

Human resources: He/she supervises the Protection Coordinator, and MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning) Manager (defining objectives, providing guidance, monitoring progress) as the coordination team member responsible for oversight for all programme quality and implementation teams operating in Jordan.

Safety: He/she participates, at the heart of the coordination team, in the analysis and management of operational safety.

Representation:. He/she ensures and coordinates the PUI’s technical representation among partners, donors and different authorities in Jordan (particularly MOH,MOE and MOSD), including directly representing the organisation on technical programmatic matters which are not the direct responsibility of the HoP

Coordination: He/she ensures that information is efficiently and effectively communicated between and among internal stakeholders across all departments

Logistical, administrative and financial monitoring: He/she ensures that logistical and administrative procedures appropriate to the programmatic activities planned or ongoing are established and followed, and communicates relevant information to the other members of the country coordination team as appropriate.