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Vacance pour le Directeur du Parc

Site African Parks

Job overview: The Park Manager is responsible, with his national assistant Manager, for the global park management unit. He is in charge for the management of people, equipment and funding for the implementation of the general stratgy of the RNCE, which means annual work plans, budget and five year business plans as approved by the APN Board of Directors and the Board meeting of the RNCE.

Key functions:

–       Implement the decisions of the APN Board of directors ;

–       Provide assistance to administrative, financial and operational departments of RNCE ;

–       Represent the RNCE at the Foundation Board, without voting rights ;

–       Implement the annual work plan, annual budgets and five year Business Plan as approved by the Board of Directors ;

–       Present strategy, results, budgets, activities and planification to the National board meeting and Governance council of the RNCE,  (2 times/year) ;

–       Recruit team to implement operational plans and budgets ;

–       Provide career management to contracted staff as well as the daily organization of their work, holidays and evaluation of their performance ;

–       Follow up and monitoring the implementation of agreements and contracts relating to the protected area ;

–       Identify and propose development principles, management and regulation of the PA ;

–       Submit plans for recovery and sustainable development (natural and cultural aspects) of the protected area ;

–       Head Management of all the technical Departments of RNCE  : Fin. and Admin., Law Enforcement, Touristic Development, Communauty Conservation Archeology, Logistic ;

–       Develop the Special Projects

–       Promote and maintain good working relationships with all stakeholders concerned including ; National Government and local traditional and administratives authorities, local communities and donors, through the instigation of local platforms for dialogue and integration into the platform field of the dialogue initiative;

–       Provide reports and record keeping.

Capabilities, compentencies and experience needed for the job:
 Demonstrable ability to mentor staff, leadership and people management skills ;
 Good team player and experience in management teams ;
 Long term experience working in Sahelo-Saharan areas ;
 Demonstrable experience managing and working in multi-culural context
 Strong willingness to live in a rural setting and very remote area ;
 Very good understanding of specificity of natural and cultural problematic of sahelo-saharan areas;
 Fluent in French and in English (written and spoken) ; Arabic knowledge would be appreciate.


Pour postuler, envoyez votre CV et votre lettre de motivation par e-mail à fredf@african-parks.org