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Emergency Nutrition & Health Manager

Site Action contre la faim

Objectif général du poste

Under  the direct supervision of the Field Coordinator and the Nutrition  &  Health Head of Department, your main objective will be to manage   emergency nutrition programs and to ensure quality response, as well  as  provide technical support to ACF project staff on nutrition and  health  programs planning, implementation and coordination.


Principales responsabilités

More precisely, you will in charge to :

  • To ensure quality of mobile/static OTP implementation in new settlements, makeshift extensions
  • To  ensure integrated Mobile/static OTP – ACF MHCP sector and IRC Health  activities in collaboration with Emergency Nutrition Coordinator
  • To ensure data collection and reporting (per site and consolidated) of the mobile/static OTPs
  • To  provide training to the mobile/static OTP teams and Community Nutrition  Volunteers in collaboration with Emergency Nutrition Coordinator,  capacity building PM and Nutrition PMs
  • To  integrate basic public health surveillance component in the CNV  activities (identification of measles and AWD cases, prevention, and  referral to appropriate treatment center)
  • To manage finance, logistics and HR for the mobile/static OTP sites
  • To assess the needs of the population and adapt the mobile OTP sites accordingly
  • To ensure screening and referral of undernourished children to the appropriate sites
  • To strengthen collaboration and coordination between ACF nutrition sites and other agencies’ nutrition centers
  • To provide support to set up of 3 Blanket Supplementary Feeding Centers
  • To handover the mobile/static OTP components to local PM (existing or to be recruited)


Correspondez-vous au profil que nous recherchons ?

You hold a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Health, Medicine, Nurse and/or Public Health with a multi sectoral understanding of malnutrition experience.

You have experience in the implementation of nutrition emergency intervention and team management. You must have experience in coaching and capacity building of field teams on OTP/CNV, monitoring and supervision. You already have an experience working in conflict affected insecure locations

You are recognize for your excellent oral and written capacities in English


Contexte de travail:

Action Contre la Faim (ACF) – Bangladesh has been implementing nutrition programs in Cox’s Bazar since 2009. ACF’s nutrition activities comprise of screening, detection and referral of SAM and MAM, SAM treatment (SC & OTP), MAM treatment (U5 & PLW), MAM prevention U5 (BSFP), Micro Nutrient Powder supplementation children U5, Iron Folic supplementation for pregnant and lactating women, health and nutrition promotion, school adolescent nutrition etc.

Since 25th August 2017 around 500.000 refugees from Myanmar crossed the border into Bangladesh and settle in existing camps, makeshift settlements as well as new settlements. Since the influx, ACF has scaled up its nutrition response in the new settlements as well as existing settlements. The influx of refugees has also attracted NGO’s and UN agencies for a response to the crisis. Coordination and collaboration is essential for an effective nutrition response.

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