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External evaluation HEA Sahel

  • CDD / Part Time
  • Senegal

Site Save the Children International

Child Safeguarding:

Level 3: the post holder will have contact with children and/or young people either frequently (e.g. once a week or more) or intensively (e.g. four days in one month or more or overnight) because they work country programs; or are visiting country programs; or because they are responsible for implementing the police checking/vetting process staff.

The role

The evaluation will focus primarily on the experience of countries in building HEA capacity in the 7 countries of the project (Nigeria, Senegal, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso, Mali and Mauritania) with a stronger focus on Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Burkina Faso

In order to triangulate data and answer specific evaluation questions, key informants in all project countries will be consulted via Skype or telephone.

The evaluation will remain at the institutional level and consider data collected from interviews with Save the Children, NGO partners, partner institutions and government. Community members will not be consulted for this evaluation.

Countries of Investigation:

Niger, Nigeria, Tchad and Burkina Faso

Profil recherché

The qualification expected for this consultancy are the following ones:

Advance degree in one of the following areas: Agriculture, Rural development, project management, Food security, development economics, and social science.
Proven experience in evaluation
Knowledge in the Household Economy Analysis (HEA). A knowledge of the HEA Outcome Analysis process and challenges in the Sahel is highly desirable
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Good knowledge of Sahel regional and national early warning and response systems including the following initiatives and processes: « Cadre Harmonisé », AGIR Sahel, Government and UN Response Plans
Fluent in French /or English with a good command of the second