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  • CDD / Part Time

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The Hospital Management Unit (HMU) is a multidisciplinary, interdepartmental team, set up within the Operational Department. In order to manage hospitals in their proper context and in coherence with OCB strategic objectives, the HMU has a transverse role with respect to the different Cells making up the Operational Department, and therefore depends on each of them for guidance on strategy and context.

The HMU develops expertise in hospital management and, in close collaboration with supporting departments, provides operational support for the team managing the hospitals in its portfolio. For all these issues this Unit is the direct interface between HQ and the field. Each member has responsibility for a specific topic under the supervision of the Unit’s coordinator (hierarchical link) with a functional link to the coordinator of the corresponding department (functional link). Within the Unit, the HR Department is represented by the Hospital Management HR Referent.

Steering Committee, consisting of representatives of the Operational, Medical, HR and Logistic Departments, sets out the strategic and operational axes for the Unit’s intervention (including hospitals for which it is responsible) and evaluates its operation.

The Hospital Management Nursing Referent (HMNR) is responsible within the Unit for ensuring the development of the expertise in the organization of nursing care in OCB’s hospitals. In order to increase the quality and the security of care delivered to patients, the HMNR will provide direct support to nursing care management in the different hospitals in the portfolio.

Job Profile

The HMNR develops medical management expertise in OCBin close collaboration with members of the Unit and the Medical Department at HQ:

The HMNR participates:

  • In the development of a horizontal hospital management policy: set up, organisation methods, evaluation mechanisms,…
  • In the development, both at HQ and in the field, of HR with expertise in hospital management, particularly by establishing training programmes, coaching and outside collaboration.
  • Development and coordination of supportive management tools for the medical and caregiving professions in hospitals.

The HMNR has an operational role vis-à-vis hospital.

The HMNR has a direct supporting role with the hospital’s management team, particularly the hospital’s Nursing Director, for the nursing care management and topics related to:

  • Nursing care quality and safety :
    • Participating in the Quality of care evaluation
    • Participating in Patient safety evaluation and defining of corrective strategies if required.
    • Promoting  evidence-based practices
    • Supporting an efficient organization of nursing care at unit level
    • Co-responsibility in the implementation of the IPC policy and follow up of the Hygiene Committee
    • Patient documentation
    • Supports optimal patient journey from assessment through to discharge, including regular evaluation and co-defining corrective measures if required.
    • Supports the needs assessment, strategic planning and adequate use of  biomedical devices
  • Knowledge management
    • Participates in defining the adequate package of essential documents (policies, guidelines, protocols) and tools
    • Supports evaluation of correct implementation of protocols/ guidelines/tools
    • Encourages team meetings and information sharing
  • HR management
    • Staff needs assessment
    • Roles definition (JD)
    • Matching of the nurse expats and other issues relating to HR management in the Nursing department
  • People management
    • Promote and oversee induction/orientation program
    • Oversee clinical supervision, learning needs assessment and development programs
    • Regular assessment of staff general performance
    • Planning of supportive and corrective measures to guide staff into a positive evolution career
    • Nursing leadership
      • Promote leadership attitudes of nurses as well as moral commitment to organizational values, ethic nursing principles and evidence based approach in all the activities, clinical and managerial.
      • Finance
        • Managing the Nursing activity budget.

The HMNR is moreover responsible for designing and setting the technical level of nursing activities and setting the technical level in the hospital.

In coordination with other members of the Unit, the HMNR participates in the preparation of master plans, in collaboration with relevant people in the hospital and other HQ departments.

For all these issues the HMNR collaborates with, and is the interface of, key contacts/referents in the Medical Department.

The HMNR participates in the setting up and development of a Pool of nursing profiles capable of having a specific responsibility in Hospital Team ManagementThe HMNR therefore:

  • Participates in recruitment to the Hospital Management Team and evaluation of its HR profiles
  • Identifies training requirements for these profiles.

The HMNR is responsible for information and data management regarding nursing care at Unit level

  • The HMNR ensures that a data management system is set up in the nursing department and monitored.
  • The HMNR ensures that information/data/reports on nursing care are compiled and distributed to the relevant bodies.
  • The HMNR ensures that such information is analysed and that any measures and actions to be adopted are followed up.

The HMNR participates in the development of external partnership arrangements, in collaboration with the various supporting departments, so as to reinforce OCB’s hospital management expertise.

The HMNR participates in evaluation and control missions, in close collaboration with members of the Unit and HQ supporting departments. The HMNR therefore participates in:

  • Development of methodology, evaluation tools, and qualitative and quantitative indicators for hospital management.
  • Organisation of visits to evaluate procedures and organisation at OCB hospitals.

The HMNR participates in setting strategy for hospitals in the portfolio, in close collaboration with the Cell and Coordination. Moreover the HMNR regularly provides them with any information necessary for the hospital’s strategic and contextual guidance.

The HMNR participates in new pilot projects.

The HMNR may, as the Steering Committee chooses, participate in establishing new projects, more specifically:

  • (Pre) feasibility study, in collaboration with the Mission and the Cell.
  • Support for the team implementing the new project.

Profil recherché

Candidate profile

  • Registered Nurse. Complementary degree in management, hospital management or Health Information systems is an asset.
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in organization of health services in a hospital and management of large multidisciplinary teams
  • MSF experience or a comparable organization in developing countries is an asset
  • Management skills : Analyzing, planning, organization and communication skills
  • Behavioral flexibility: ability to work in team, high level of maturity in interpersonal relationships, flexibility.
  • Good writing and reporting skills
  • Good oral and written communication in English and French
  • An interest in international and humanitarian issues
  • Adhere to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust, Empowerment
  • Based in HQ (Brussels) with field visits (minimum twice a year)


  • Fixed-term contract 12 months, full-time, based in Brussels with travels to the field and in Europe
  • Hospitalization insurance (DKV) – pension plan – Canteen – Reimbursement of 100 % public transport costs
  • Available to start ideally by June 2018

Deadline for applications before 12th of March 2018

Interested candidates should send a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae by e-mail to Delphine Evrard, Recruit-HQ-Communications@brussels.msf.org, with the following reference: “Hospital Management Nursing” in the subject

Pour postuler, envoyez votre CV et votre lettre de motivation par e-mail à Recruit-HQ-Operations@brussels.msf.org