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Human Ressources Manager H/F

Site terre des hommes

Swiss salaried contract 2’950 CHF (~2’550 €) < > 4’300 CHF (~3’700 €) net /month according to experience x 13, Holidays: 25 days per year. Local accommodation and transportation, Health insurance, accident and medical repatriation insurance, return flight. Duration: 6 months, more if funding available.

The HR manager is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the management and the implementation of Tdh HR policies at Cox’s level. S/he is responsible for the administrative aspects of the emergency response Rhingya crisis and ensures the respect by all staff of Tdh towards the internal procedures and national legal framework. The HR Manager will lead the HR team to ensure high quality and efficient staff recruitment, contract management, orientation, learning and development, performance management, code of conduct compliance, employee engagement and staff care/ wellbeing. The HR Manager will maximize staffing resources, promote a positive organizational culture and ensure efficiency of work processes.

Human Resources Management for Nationally Recruited Staff:

Manage the day-to-day Human Resource functions of the programme as they relate to nationally and regionally recruited staff including, but not limited to:

– Manage and co-ordinate the recruitment process for new/vacant positions in conjunction with the relevant line manager. This will include updates to job descriptions, advertise the vacancy, draw up the short-list, interview potential candidates and make the appointment;

– Ensure that recruitment and hiring procedures are respected: validate the recruitment needs, post profiles and contracts;

– Update internal policies and procedures in accordance with the legal framework;

– Work with line managers to ensure all new staff receive a relevant and appropriate induction when commencing employment with Tdh;

– Follow the correct procedures according to Tdh policy and local labour laws when renewing or terminating a staff member’s contract;

– Regular review, update and / or develop of employment documentation for nationally and regionally recruited staff, including job descriptions, employment contracts and staff guidelines, ensuring they meet the requirements of local labour laws;

– Liaise with other NGOs, local service providers and field management to ensure salaries and benefits for nationally and regionally recruited staff are in-line with similar organisations, meet the requirements of local labour legislation and are within budget;

– Consolidate and update the mission organization chart.


Human Resources Management for Internationally Recruited Staff:

– Support line management to identify staffing needs;

– Provide pre-assignment programme specific information;

– Co-ordinate and process any required visas and travel arrangements for expats.


Training and Development:

– Support line managers to identify training needs for all staff;

– Source in-house and external training opportunities as appropriate, working within budgetary and operational constraints.



– Oversee performance management to ensure line managers conduct performance appraisals within the required timeframes and necessary paperwork is completed according to the latest guidelines;

– Ensure all staff HR files are archived according to Tdh policy and any donor requirements;

– Maintain documentation according to programme procedures. This may include staff plans, holidays, sickness, other absences, training records, insurance, pensions, other benefits, taxes, etc.


Staff Management

– Manage and oversee the programme HR staff including recruitment, day-to-day management, development and training, appraisal, etc.


Quality Management

– Promote and ensure Tdh Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct and PSEA procedures are in place with regular staff trainings, as needed.



– In his/her professional activities, adhere to the values defined in the strategic plan: commitment, expertise, integrity and self-reliance;

– Work in different cultural backgrounds and in difficult situations, deal with confrontation due to differences (intercultural).


Abuse Prevention Policy – Child Protection Policy (CPP)

– Undertake to adhere to the Terre des hommes Child Protection Policy and the principles connected to children’s rights;

– Undertake to ensure the best possible implementation of the Child Protection Policy (CPP) and operational risk management in his/her intervention zone and within project teams (in the case of an identified problem, contact the Country Representative to report it)

– Assist in the implementation of resources for promoting awareness and supervision necessary for his/her local colleagues to adhere to the Child Protection Policy (CPP) and operational risk management;

– Participate in monitoring protection cases, allegations or possible/potential violations of the Child Protection Policy under the supervision of the Country Representative;

– In conjunction with the Log Coordinator and the field coordinators, analyze the security situation in his/her area and inform the representative through periodic reports.

– Knowledge of humanitarian / NGO sector

– At least 2 years of significant experience on a similar position

– Excellent writing, reporting and communication skills

– Ability to work in an inter cultural environment

– Flexibility

– Responsive, motivated, good communicator

– Ability to work under pressure

– Knowledge of donor procedures

– Office Pack

– English fluent/French not required

Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh) is the leading Swiss NGO focusing on child rights. It is active in more than 30 countries with development and emergency projects. Tdh focuses its action on the two following areas of intervention: health and protection of particularly vulnerable children. Modern management and communication tools ensure the quality of Tdh’s projects. The Foundation constantly aims to improve its services.

Following the massive displacement of more than 680,000 people into Bangladesh since end of August 2017, Tdh has put in place an important emergency response plan to provide relief to the Rohingya refugees, notably on health, WASH and protection.