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Nutrition Manager

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Soulager la souffrance dans des zones reculées et dévastées

Role & Responsibilities

Assist in the direct implementation of health and nutrition interventions in Renk County with a focus on nutrition.  Activities involved in nutrition interventions include management of remote nutrition sites providing treatment of severe acute malnutrition and moderate acute malnutrition, clinical supervision of one Stabilisation Centre, management of Community Nutrition Volunteers and county-wide mass MUAC screening.  The Nutrition Manager provides supervision and training to local staff to allow them to implement the programmes. They are also in charge of writing reports and keeping good data records, assist with ensuring adequate stocks, providing training to local staff as needed, and monitoring the overall health and nutrition situation and observing for potential outbreaks.


Project Overview

Multi-sector response program to support vulnerable populations in Renk County including provision of primary healthcare, full CMAM program, WASH services and community-based behaviour change through Care Groups. Take a look at Medair’s Health & Nutrition work.



Field based position in Renk, South Sudan. Take a look at Medair’s work in South Sudan.


Starting Date / Initial Contract Details

As soon as possible. Full time, 24 months.


Key Activity Areas

Nutrition Management

·         Responsible for the implementation, management, supervision and support of the assigned nutrition interventions in line with the time frame of the relevant project proposal and any applicable national and international guidelines and standards.

·         Conduct regular supervision in nutrition sites and clinics to support staff with on the job training and ensure quality of service delivery.

·         Provide training for local staff in line with the appropriate international and South Sudan guidelines.

·          Implement participatory Behaviour Change Communication methods in nutrition project sites, including training and supervision of Community Nutrition Volunteers.

·         Ensure accurate and timely reporting of activities for internal and external reports as requested by field managers, HQ and donors.


Staff Management

·         Assist the Project Manager and other Nutrition Manager to manage and oversee the assigned local nutrition team including recruitment, day-to-day management, development and training, appraisals, etc. The team may include certified health staff, other nutrition staff and support staff.

·         Ensure the assigned nutrition team members receive relevant and appropriate supervision, coaching, mentoring and training in order to develop their personal and professional skills, knowledge and understanding. This may be through on-the-job training and taught sessions.


Financial Management

·         Work with the Project Manager and support team to manage finances for the assigned teams and locations.


Communication and Coordination

·         Maintain appropriate, regular, transparent and supportive communication structures with the assigned nutrition team(s), Medair health and nutrition managers and advisors and other relevant stakeholders.



·         Manage the correct and timely ordering of needed stocks and supplies to the field location sites in coordination with the Project Manager.


Quality Management

·         Implement, as far as is possible within operational constraints, relevant policies and standards relating to nutrition and health service delivery including Sphere and HAP standards, Ministry of Health and donor guidelines and other good practice.



This job description covers the main tasks that are anticipated. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary.



·         Higher level qualification: medical doctor, nurse, midwife.

·         Strong working knowledge of English (spoken and written).


Experience / Competencies

·         2 years post-qualification nursing / medical professional experience.

·         Experience working in nutrition programme in a developing country, preferably humanitarian context.

·         Able to develop good relationships with colleagues, beneficiaries, agencies, etc. Good communicator.

·         Ability and willingness to manage project implementation. Excellent organisational skills.

·         Able to prioritise clearly. Able to enforce procedures. Able to set clear objectives and delegate.

·         Team-player with good inter-personal skills. Creative, open-minded, flexible, self-learner.


Working Conditions

·         This is a field-based position and working and living conditions may be very different to that previously experienced.


Before you apply

Please ensure you are fully aware of the:

a)      Medair organisational values.

b)      Profiles sought for Internationally Recruited Staff (IRS).

c)       Medair Relief & Recovery Orientation Course (ROC) (which forms part of the recruitment selection process for field positions).

d)      Benefits Package provided for Internationally Recruited Staff (IRS).


Application Process

To apply, go to the « Current Vacancies » page then:

a)      apply for this vacancy (or another position that matches your profile), or

b)      apply for a Medair ROC (where we can try and match your competencies to our vacancy needs).

Please do not make multiple applications. We will not review email applications. Only English-language applications / CVs will be reviewed.

Pour postuler, envoyez votre CV et votre lettre de motivation par e-mail à annick.balocco@medair.org