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PN Asia – IT manager multi-countries

Site Passerelles numériques

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Passerelles numériques (PN), a non-profit organization, is dedicated to enabling highly disadvantaged youths, through their abilities and their commitment, to access education and technical and vocational training, in the sector of Information Technology. We work to build strong employability which will allow them and their families to sustainably escape poverty, and contribute to the social and economic development of their countries.

Established in Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam, Passerelles numériques currently trains 342 students and employs 98 people based in these three countries including a small team in France.

Passerelles numériques relies on the financial and skills sponsorship of several corporate partners such as Accenture, Econocom, Microsoft and Société Générale and also receives support from individual donors.

Passerelles numériques Asia is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This transversal team is composed of 6 staff, who fill the role of support functions. Their goals are to coordinate the operations in proximity with the field.

Website: https://www.passerellesnumeriques.org/en

Passerelles numériques is an organisation with close to 100 staffs, spread in 5 different locations. PN’s mission and operations in our 3 centres (Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines) are handled by local management and teams, including local IT Managers and Administrators.

Global support, guidance and coordination are ensured by “Central” teams based in Paris and in Phnom Penh (PN France and PN Asia).

Passerelles numériques is looking for his/her IT Manager. Part of PN Asia team and based in Phnom Penh, this role is to oversee the use of Information technology (IT) at PN:

She/he will be the one to revise the organization’s IT strategy and ensure that all systems, IT assets and procedures necessary to support its operations and objectives, are in place among all PN sites and centres.
She/he will coordinate and support local IT teams to carry out the maintenance of existing applications and development of new technical solutions.
She/he will identify and lead relevant IT projects dedicated to support PN’s mission, operations and efficiency.
She/ He will support operations so that PN Training answers market trends and expectations
Eventually, her/his goal is to ensure that information technology adds the maximum value to our PN’s organization so as to facilitate the success of PN’s mission.

Reporting to PN Asia Director, the IT Manager works in close and regular guidance and collaboration with the local IT teams in PN’s 3 centres, and with IT projects resources and stakeholders.

She/he will be in charge to:

Suggest, design and implement PN’s IT strategy
Audit PN’s IT infrastructures and practices

Review procedures (email administration, cloud access accounts administration IT accounts administration, troubleshooting procedures for the transverse system, Website, SMS Students Management, Software application, etc.)
Review all aspects related to physical security (fire protection procedures, physical access to IT rooms procedures, backup procedures etc.)
Review all aspects related to IT logical security (password policy, anti-virus protection, firewall rules etc.)
Identify areas of improvements and users needs

Select and implement suitable tools/technology to streamline and optimize PN’s operations

Define and implement a relevant PN’s IT strategy

Support and monitor IT overall operations and infrastructures
Provide consulting / architecture insights/guidance to IT administration teams in each of the three centres and in all PN Locations.

Ensure the follow up of the licenses and service agreements PN have contracted in all its locations (Microsoft licenses, Avast licenses, Bluehost service, Google for education, Cisco resource centre, Siteground hosting…)

Develop new partnerships and agreements (especially regarding “cloud” companies as Amazon or Heroku/Salesforce).


Design and shape PN’s relevant IT Infrastructure and tools
In that perspective, design projects scopes and objectives / Lead and implement relevant IT Projects for PN (including the current rollout of PN new student management system)


Provide direct IT administration support for PN Asia and PN France entities
Provide technical support for both hardware and software issues on users encounter for those entities:

Monitor all PN global systems (CEGID, Salesforce, PN Website/bluehost…) and respond to security or usability concerns. Define back up strategies. Plans upgrade systems and processes as required.

Respond to and resolve help desk requests

Administer infrastructure, including firewalls, databases, malware protection software and other processes

Install and test computer related equipment


Support IT skills recruiting processes and IT skills development

Help ensure PN’s overall technical expertise
Monitor IT and Digital trends and Market expectations.

Help ensure the relevance of PN’s IT and Digital awareness and knowledge,

Support PN’s ability to anticipate technical skills requirements for the future.

Support the design and technical development of PN’s “satellite projects”


Ensure the compliance to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)



Bachelor or master in IT field
Preferred System Network Administration speciality

In-depth knowledge of Microsoft/Linux, Google Apps administration, and network administration (stay up to date with technology evolution)
IT Project management

At least 5 years’ experience in systems and network administration
At least 2 experiences in project management

Project management skills
Critical thinking and problem solving
Excellent decision-making and managerial capacities
Communication skills
Able to work under stress
Organizational skills
Strong interpersonal skills and ability to develop talent

Multicultural mindset
Compliance with PN values
Strong concern and motivation for PN’s mission in IT Education for underserved youth

English is the working language

The business trip abroad (Vietnam, Philippines – twice per year)
Multicultural team setting (Khmer, French, Filipino, Vietnamese)
Weekly working hours
2 years VSI contract renewable
Allowance depending on the profile
Insurance and pension contribution package (CFE, health care, repatriation and accident insurance, pension contribution in the French system)
Paid leave: 24 days per year
One plane ticket round trip home – Phnom Penh at the beginning of the mission and the end of the mission
One plane ticket round trip Phnom Penh – home every 12 months




Pour postuler, envoyez votre CV et votre lettre de motivation par e-mail à missions@passerellesnumeriques.org