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IT & Training Manager

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A gateway for life

Passerelles numériques (PN) is a French non-profit organisation created in 2005. Our mission is to enable highly disadvantaged youths, through their abilities and their commitment, to access education and technical and vocational training, in the sector of Information Technology. We work to build strong employability which will allow them and their families to sustainably escape poverty, and contribute to the social and economic development of their countries.

Established in Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam, Passerelles numériques currently trains more than 460 students and employs around 100 people based in these three countries including a small team in France.

Passerelles numériques relies on the financial and skills sponsorship of several corporate partners such as Accenture, Econocom, JP Morgan and Microsoft and also receives support from individual donors.

In Vietnam, Passerelles Numériques started its mission in 2010, with a training center based in Da Nang, in Central Vietnam. In 2012, the first class graduated with 27 students and most of them had a job just after graduation. Today, PN Vietnam (PNV) trains 130 students and graduated 298 young disadvantaged since 2010

Website: https://www.passerellesnumeriques.org
Context and mission
Our objective is that at least 90% of enrolled students succeed and find a qualified job at the end of their 3 years of training. In order to reach this, PN focuses on delivering a practical training aligned to the IT market needs. Every topic taught will be reviewed, improved and realigned with the latest feedback including students, teachers and partners. At the end of the 3 years, the students will receive a certificate of completion (delivered by PN) as well as a vocational College Degree (delivered by our academic partner).

Passerelles numériques (PN) is looking for an IT & Training Manager to ensure the IT infrastructure healthiness and conduct the training team in Da Nang. S/he ensures that PNV delivers good quality of training that matches the needs of the Vietnamese market and enables underprivileged students to obtain qualified jobs in IT. S/he directly reports to PNV’s General Manager with the support from cross-functional advisers and closely cooperates with our training partner (DanaVTC – Danang Vocational Training College), PNV Education Team and PNV External Relations Department.

The 3-years training program is delivered in cooperation between DanaVTC and PN Vietnam. The IT & training manager is fully responsible for its delivery in IT, soft skills and English.

On the IT side, the five first semesters will globally cover:
– Functional programming
– Java programming and OOP
– Web programming
– Manual Testing
– First steps in Mobile development
Will follow a 6 weeks’ specialization period in:
– Mobile development,
– Automation Testing or
On the soft skills side, the curriculum will cover skills as:
– Learning to Learn (Goal setting, Reading, Note taking, Searching…)
– Communication skills
– Teamwork
– Thinking skills (brainstorming, critical, logical, creative)
– CV, Cover Letter, Interview
On the English side, students will have the objective to reach a TOEIC level of 500+ including classes focused on IT vocabulary, pronunciation and job interviews.

Globally, PN Vietnam curriculum is approximately made of:
– 50% IT
– 25% English
– 25% Soft skills and Life skills*

*Life skills are under the Education team supervision.

Duties and Responsibilities
The IT & Training Manager is in charge of the delivery and the quality of the whole training through the following duties:

1. Training
– Together with the cross-centre Training and IT Experts/Advisers, continuously improve and develop the curriculum in line with local IT market needs on both technical and non-technical aspects.
– Manage training activities: timetables, classrooms, IT labs, teachers’ distributions.
– Follow the quantitative and qualitative results of the training delivered both internally and by DanaVTC, taking into account students’ abilities and difficulties. Take appropriate measures to improve and match PN’s teaching approach.
– Measure students’ progress in order to evaluate teaching quality and take appropriate actions to empower all students.

2. IT Infrastructure
– Ensure the full and correct use of the IT assets in PNV infrastructure as well as their status (150+ computers)
– Improve the current infrastructure, its safety and update the related documentation

3. Team Management
– Manage the training team (9 trainers and 1 IT Admin): recruitment, training, coaching and evaluation as a trainer and a PN staff.
– Define and roll out the roadmap of the IT, English and Soft skills Training to match always closer with local IT market needs – keeping in mind a holistic approach for the students’ global development.
– Design, propose, and coordinate (with PN headquarters) volunteer short missions to support the IT & Training team by improving their technical and pedagogical skills.
– Work closely with the IT Admin to optimize and maintain the infrastructure to ensure a stable and strong network.

4. Internal and External Relations
• Within PN:
– Together with the Education Team, follow up closely and support the students’ development (achievements and difficulties). Maintain a holistic approach on education among Training Team and Education Team.
– Together with the External Relations Team, organise students’ internships and job placement, follow up and act on companies’ feedback.
–      Together with the Selection Team, encourage the IT & Training Team to join the selection trips to different provinces in order to select suitable students.
– Together with the training managers of other PN centres, harmonise PN training activities and grow an inter-centre spirit.
– Together with the Admin-HR-Finance Team, organise and manage staff of Training Team to follow HR manual and Code of conducts; build and follow approved budget of Training department.
• Outside PN:
– Maintain and develop a strong partnership with DanaVTC and other universities.
– Maintain and develop PN network with Da Nang IT companies to have a clear and updated picture of the company latest needs and their feedback about PN students.
–   Work closely with IT partners to define and execute long term collaborations with students’ training and staff development.

Skills and experience
Level of education: Master

Specialty: IT development, IT SNA, Education, Project management, IT admin, Management


Experience length: at least 3 years

Field: – Solid work experience in the IT sector – Experience of team management and project management – Experience/strong interest in education and training – Good organisational, communication and interpersonal skills – Proficiency in English in both verbal and written communication – Adaptability and problem solving – Successful experience in a multicultural environment is a plus – Motivation to work with underprivileged young people – Coaching skills are a plus – Knowledge in Agile methodology is a plus


IT, Training, Project management, Team management


MS Office, Google suite, Basic Programming, Basic Infrastructure knowledge



Status and conditions
Multicultural team setting

Weekly working hours, Work at the office, Work on the field

Possibility to deduct 66% of the mission’s expenses on the income salary (for French peolple only), Insurance and pension package (CFE, health care, repatriation and accident insurance, pension contribution in the French system), Paid leave: 20 days per year, Holidays bonus

Pour postuler, envoyez votre CV et votre lettre de motivation par e-mail à missions@passerellesnumeriques.org