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Internship – Communication Manager

Site Soulcial Trust

About the organization:

Soulcial Trust’s mission is to raise awareness about social issues and causes in India and Cambodia, in particular for disabled communities and environmental concerns, and to connect individuals wishing to volunteer for causes while living or traveling abroad with NGOs in need of volunteer services.

There are two major pillars of the Soulcial Trust’s activities:

–       XLability (www.xlability.org) is a disability awareness programme that emphasises the ability of people with disabilities through sport both in India and Cambodia.

–       Green Influence (www.soulcialtrust.org) addresses environmental issues in Cambodia and other countries in South East Asia. Through this programme, Soulcial Trust raises awareness among companies, tourists, and Cambodian society of sustainability and environmental issues.


The position : Communication Manager

The Communications Manager will be responsible for Soulcial Trust’s marketing and communications overall pillars:

·      Manage and maintain the communication plan

·      Manage consumer and PR communications across all three projects: social media, web, blog and press.

·      Develop media partnerships and PR database and optimize press coverage

·      Identify influencers to connect with on social media globally, as well as locally

·      Manage SEO on websites

·      Produce communication support for fundraising campaigns and financial sponsorship

·      Develop all online content for websites

Weekly communications update on web traffic, social media and analytics report
In addition, the Communications Manager will be responsible for the Soulcial Travel pillar of Soulcial Trust, with the following responsibilities:

Manage and update the Soulcial Travel website regularly
Communicate with potential volunteers when they make volunteer requests
Develop new partnerships with NGOs to be listed on the website
Create marketing strategies to increase traffic and use of the website
Improve the website’s usability


Skills required

·      Applicants should have a strong sense of altruism, desire to give back to society and be sensitive to the issues of disability and the environment in Asian developing countries.

·      Experience using social media and communication tools (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, MailChimp, Youtube)

·      Creative interests (photography, writing/storytelling, videography)

·      Graphic design, web design, and video production experience a plus.

·      Excellent level of written and spoken English required. French also an asset.

Applicant Profile:

·      Students who are studying or have completed their studies in any areas related to the offer who wish to complete their internship within a development NGO, or individuals wishing to volunteer for a social organization.

·      A strong desire to learn and apply your education and/or past experience to real-world situations.

·      Willing and able to live in a developing country with limited or different resources and standards of living.

·      Able to work both independently and in a team.


Starting date : ASAP

Optimum duration: 4 to 6 months

Compensation: As we are a small start-up NGO, we are not able to provide any compensation for the duration of the internship. We can provide support and advice for living and budgeting in Siem Reap.



Pour postuler, envoyez votre CV et votre lettre de motivation par e-mail à operations@soulcialtrust.org