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Internship – Social Enterprise Manager

Site Soulcial Trust

About us :

Soulcial Trust harnesses the collaborative spirit of community to transform. We believe that every actor—whether an individual or organization—that participates in an initiative adds value towards achieving our common goal of a social, soulful society.

There are three major pillars of the Soulcial Trust’s activities:

–       Soulcial Travel (www.soulcialtravel.com) connects NGOs and people living or traveling abroad in order to promote volunteer opportunities

–       XLability (www.xlability.org) is a disability awareness programme that emphasizes the ability of people with disabilities through sport both in India and Cambodia.

Green Influence (www.soulcialtrust.org) addresses environmental issues in Cambodia and other countries in South East Asia. Through this programme, Soulcial Trust raises awareness among companies, tourists, and Cambodian society of sustainability and environmental issues.

Position: Social Enterprise Manager

The Social Enterprise Manager’s main responsibility will be to develop and implement Soulcial Trust’s social enterprise projects across all pillars, which currently include eco-workshops and wheelchair sports workshops, with several other projects in development related to employment support for people with disabilities. Duties include:

·      Research and develop new income streams for Soulcial Trust through social enterprise projects

·      Research and develop employment/income opportunities for people with disabilities through social enterprise projects

·      Liaise with potential partners to create business plans that benefit all parties

·      Promote and manage current social enterprise projects

·      Develop marketing and communications strategies for social enterprise projects, in collaboration with the Communications Manager and Programmes Director

In addition, the Social Enterprise Manager will be responsible for updating the website “Duty Calls” (www.dutycalls.biz), a website highlighting the corporate social responsibility programs of the duty-free industry.

  • Manage and update the Duty Calls website regularly
  • Manage the website’s SEO and analytics
  • Improve the website’s usability

Skills required

·      Applicants should have a strong sense of altruism, desire to give back to society and be sensitive to the issues of disability and the environment in Asian developing countries.

·      Experience or education in business development and marketing strategies

·      Experience using social media and communication tools (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, MailChimp, Youtube)

·      SEO knowledge

·      Website development skills

·      Excellent level of written and spoken English required. French also an asset.

·      Strong written and spoken communication skills required.

Applicant Profile:

·      Students who are studying or have completed their studies in any areas related to the offer who wish to complete their internship within a development NGO, or individuals wishing to volunteer for a social organization.

·      A strong desire to learn and apply your education and/or past experience to real-world situations.

·      Willing and able to live in a developing country with limited or different resources and standards of living.

·      A creative, entrepreneurial mind

·      Able to work both independently and in a team.

Optimum Duration: 4 to 6 months

Compensation: As we are a small start-up NGO, we are not able to provide any compensation for the duration of the internship. We can provide support and advice for living and budgeting in Siem Reap.

Contacts : 

Please send your CV and letter of interest to:

Genni LOW – Programmes Director

Phone: +855 15 579 367

Email: genni@soulcialtrust.org

Pour postuler, envoyez votre CV et votre lettre de motivation par e-mail à julie@soulcialtrust.org