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Strategy and Organisational Development Adviser

Avocats sans frontières


Organisation: Avocats Sans Frontières
Site: http://www.asf.be
Personne de Contact: [email protected]
Date limite de candidature: 21/10/2017
Type d’offre: Contrat à durée indéterminée
Volume de travail: Temps partiel
Fonction: Autre
Lieu de l’emploi: Brussels
Pays: Belgium



As an agile and ever learning organisation which only exists through its actions, ASF must be capable of evolving and adapting to new contexts. The position is responsible for enabling change and improving ASF’s capacity to function in a continuously changing environment.

This position contributes to the fulfilment of ASF’s mandate, with a view to maximising the impact of its actions in favour of the final beneficiaries in the countries of intervention.

Duties and responsibilities

• Defining the HR development strategy

– Devise HR development plans and support the teams in the organisation of their human resources

– Support the Country Directors in the organisation of their human resources and suggest tools for the implementation of restructuration plans when necessary

– Act as an information conveyor between the Country Directors and the ad hoc HQ staff members

– Support the general coordination in the organisation of human resources in times of change

• Organisational development and change management

– Coordinate the setting up and the implementation of organisational change objectives

– Contribute to the elaboration and proposition of a plan of organisational development

– Coordinate the strategic integration of that plan in the planning, in the coordination and in the different activities linked to the implementation of the organisational strategy

– Support and provide advice to the teams in terms of organisational development by identifying their needs and the appropriate solutions in order to strengthen the overall strategy of the organisation

– Feed the general coordination and support the other hubs with the integration of the organisational development plan

– Capitalise on the experience acquired in terms of organisational development

• Coordination of the Strategy and Development hub

The hub coordinator coordinates and manages the stakeholders of his/her hub

– Coordinate the hub: mobilise the internal and external competences that are useful in the implementation of the activities of the hub. Plan, organise and monitor the enforcement of the competences mobilised in a recurrent manner or in a project mode

– Run the hub: conduct the work meetings with the people participating in the implementation of its functions and identify the appropriate knowledge-holders in order to achieve the set objectives

– Participate in the general coordination of the hubs with the other hub coordinators

Profil recherché

To see the advertisement in full, use the link below: http://www.asf.be/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Offre-Conseiller-Dev.-org-ENGLISH.pdf

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