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Se soigner en Afghanistan

Se soigner en Afghanistan


Ambulance service

The Kabul Ambulance Service is staffed and administrated by Afghan employees who have been trained and equipped by a Norwegian NGO. To access the ambulance service in an emergency, call 112 from a land line or 020-112 from a cell phone.

Medical evacuation

Guardian Medevac: Services

General medical services in Kabul, as well as worldwide medical evacuation, emergency medical services, and repatriation of remains. Web site: http://guardianmedevac.com Telephone: 0796 747 712; 0786 223 141 Email: info@guardianmedevac.com

RMSI (Remote Medical Solutions International)

Located at Street 15, Wazir Akbar Khan, 4th lane, House 55.

Services: Coordination of air ambulance service, commercial airline medical escort services, and repatriation of remains.

Website: www.rmsi-medicalsolutions.com
Telephone in Kabul: 0798 444 888, 0786 444 888, 0700 840 160.
Telephone in Dubai: +971 (0) 4 423 0779
Email: emergency@rmsi-medicalsolutions.com, opskabul@rmsi-medicalsolutions.com

Vetted International, Ltd. Services

Countrywide medical case management for Expats, Third Country National & Local National personnel. Kabul based routine and emergency medical services, worldwide medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.

Website: www.vetted-intl.com
General Enquiries Telephone: +1 919 747 5898
Emergencies: (24/7/365) +1 919 645 7191 or +1 916 849 0971
Emergency e-mail: 911@vetted-intl.com


American Medical Center Afghanistan

Located at 14th Street, Lane 3C, Wazir Akbar Khan, Behind Norwegian Embassy, Kabul.

Services: Diagnosis, Physical Exams DOD, NATO, Class A), Full Dental Services, Radiology Department, Procedure Room, Vaccinations, Laboratory, Hematology & Biochemistry, Pharmacy (90% U.S. Pharmaceuticals), HIV and Drug Testing, Medevac, Medical Escort and 24 Hours for Emergencies.

Website: www.AmericanMedicalAf.com
Telephone: 020-231-0123; 079-555-7000
Email: info@AmericanMedicalAf.com

DK-German Medical Diagnostic Center

Located in Shahr-e Nau, Chaharrahi-ye Ansari, third street right in the direction of Kulola Pushta.

Services: German physicians, German dentist, ECG, pharmacy, digital X-Ray, laboratory and vaccination services. A deposit of $100 is requested prior to treatment.

Website: www.medical-kabul.com/
Telephone: 0706 060141, 0799 136210
Email: info@medical-kabul.com

French Medical Institute for Children

Located behind Kabul University in Allabad.

Services: Basic medical services to adults and children.
Telephone: 0799-723-732. Dr. Jawad Mofleh, telephone: 075 202 3912 (Ext. 7006); 079 960 7101 (cell)

Hospitals cure

International Hospital

Located on Dar-ul-aman Road, near the former king’s palace.

Services: Departments include OB-GYN, pediatric and neonatology, family and internal medicine, general and reconstructive surgery, as well as histo-pathology. Clinical support services include laboratory, physiotherapy, pharmacy, telemedicine, x-ray, vaccinations, ultrasound, and EKG. This hospital also offers special programs for patients suffering from cleft palate and from obstetric fistula. Note: CURE International Hospital maintains agreements with the following international insurance networks: BUPA International, Amadex Insurance Company, International Health Insurance-Danmark (IHI), HTH Worldwide, and Tangiers International.

Website: cure.org/hospitals/afghanistan/
Telephone: 0799-883-830
Mr. Aziz Jallal, Patient Services Manger
Telephone: 0796-199-632
Email: patientservices@curafghanistan.org

Kaisha Health Care

Located in a commercial section of Kabul in a five story glass front building at Charrahi Sar Sabzi, near Sham e-Paris Restaurant, Taimani.

Services: The facility has 52 inpatient beds, a 4 bed ICU, CT scan, multi-specialty diagnostic services, and surgery. The staff of the hospital includes Indian trained physicians in orthopedics, gynecology, psychiatry, and diabetology. The facility has ambulances for patient transport.

Web site: www.kaishahealthcare.com/
Telephone: 0799-111-711; 0786-600-700
Email: info@kaishahealthcare.com